With the deepest sense of gratitude to God, we will like to felicitate with our Christian brethen on this yet another significant Easter celebration.

This year’s celebration is unique. Just last year, humanity was in darkness as a result of the covid-19 pandemic and other national and international challenges. In fact, Easter was celebrated behind closed doors as against its tradition of colourfulness. Everything seemed uncertain and inglorious. However, as believers, we held strongly to the loving assurances of God’s words that better days were ahead.

Today, just like the traditional significance of Easter, the word of God has come alive and the extraordinary transformation of humanity and its course is ongoing. The veil of the recent heavy darkness has transformed into the brightest light; the most dreaded end has become the most beautiful beginning; the depths of despair has faded to reveal everlasting hope and death has been defeated by eternal life.

We must take note of the blessings of this Easter. The events are not only biblically significant but wonderfully soothing to the restoration process of our world. Just like Christ resurrected and restored, comforted a weeping woman, spoke with travellers on a journey and met with His faithfuls, He is doing this same to us using the opportunity of this Easter celebration. All we have to do is to bow down before Him and acknowledge Him our Saviour.

We enjoin us to internalize important lessons from the life of Christ and the significance of His ultimate sacrifice of love. Our world will definitely be a better place soon as we continue to put all our trust in the Lord, seek greater advancement and stay positive.

Christ shed His blood to set us free, how blessed we are. Rejoice with gladness for His ressurrection marks a new beginning in our lives.

We wish you all a wonderful Easter celebration praying that we experience the true salvation and restoration of Christ, that Easter signifies in Jesus name. Amen.

Chief and Mrs Olugbenga Olowe,
GOF Int’l Schools,
Nigeria & Cote d’Ivoire.

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