Dearly Beloved,

Just like yesterday, we are in the month of December. Seeing the last month of a peculiar year such as the current one is nothing but the special grace of the Almighty God.
Better is the end than the beginning of a matter.

Witnessing this new month is a confirmation that indeed, we are bonafide Kingdom Citizens who have been divinely favoured. The Year 2020 presented a host of overwhelming challenges both nationally and globally but the Almighty God chose to preserve us and our loved ones. Where others fell off, we overcame the storm and waxed stronger. God alone is deserving of our praises.

Please note that God has raised us as Champions to shape the world in this unique time. The assurance of God’s grace and love that we enjoy is a further confirmation of greater new things in stock for us. We urge us to hold firmly to God and believe in Him. Let us stay focused and continue to be productive as we expect more of God’s blessings and favours.

Beyond the gaiety that comes with Yuletide; beyond the feelings wrapped around this festive season, we wish you a Wonderfully New Month that is filled with unspeakable joy and laughter even as the year ends.

The open door before you will open wider and you shall have great reasons to glorify the Lord in Jesus name. Amen.


Chief and Mrs. Olugbenga Olowe,
GOF Int’l Schools,
Nigeria & Cote d’Ivoire.

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